About Us

Watch our videos about our Icelandic Horse Treks here [VimeoHD] [YouTube].

Christchurch Icelandic Horse Treks is owned and operated by Inga Currey. Inga is originally from Germany and has enjoyed horse riding since her childhood. She came to New Zealand in 2000 together with her kiwi husband and has brought with her the love for Icelandic horses.

As a young adult, Inga experienced the unique nature of Icelandic Horses on a trek herself. These horses are always keen to go but at the same time are relaxed and easily controlled. Being closer to the ground adds to the confidence that many riders can not develop on big and less predictable mounts.

Christchurch Icelandic Horse Treks aims to share and pass on the passion for these little horses to adventurous and curious adult riders who can look past the size of their horse...Let the dream of a relaxing tölt along a beautiful sandy beach become a reality.

We are located at the northern outskirts of the South Islands largest city–Christchurch, about 20 mins from the city centre.

Christchurch Icelandic Horse Treks
870 Lower Styx Rd, Brooklands, Christchurch.


Map to Icelandic Horse Treks