Icelandic Horses

Icelandic horses are small – they measure about 13 hands or 135 cm, but they are very strong and can easily carry adults up to about 90 kilograms. They have a friendly nature and are relaxed and easy to handle. On all our horses you can enjoy the special gait called “tölt”, which is unique to Icelandic horses. It is a four-beat gait about as fast as trot, but much more comfortable to ride.

Icelandic horses have been pure-bred on Iceland for over 800 years and have been a major means of transport in Iceland before modern transportation.

They are now well known all over Europe and in many other countries and are treasured as the perfect horse for the whole family. They are very suitable for trekking and endurance riding, but are also shown in dressage and of course in gait competitions. Icelandic Horses are ideal for adult riders wishing for a safe but fun way to get back into leisure riding.

In New Zealand, Icelandic horses are still quite a rare sight. They are bred on the South and North Island since the late 90’s and numbers are slowly increasing. If you want to experience what those little strong horses are all about you are at the right place.

Having fun on horseback is what we are about, trying a new and rare breed of horse is an adventure on its own, take a look at our Trek Options and book a ride today.

Icelandic horse waiting to go for a ride

Icelandic Horse Treks

Horse treks are available from 1 to 2.5 hours and can be adjusted to suit the level of riding skills and demands of riders. Icelandic horses are extremely safe and comfortable to ride. They have an uncommon gait called Tölt, which is incredibly comfortable even for not so experienced riders. We do prefer our clients to have at least basic horse riding skills as our horses need to be actively ridden. Please note that our weight limit is 90 kilograms.

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